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My Background

I was born in Brooklyn and as a child I loved the art of cutting & pasting. Decoupaging lunchboxes were the in fad then. As I got older, this love never faded and eventually I went to many varied art classes. After studying collage I eventually fell in love with Mosaic…When I discovered a goldmine in Venice at the Orsoni Smalti factory the magical colorful glass, I became obsessed!. Which led to about a 10 year stint producing handmade custom tables, furniture and mural installations.  Fast Forward: Although fortuitous in my mosaic business because of frequent travel this medium would no longer be conducive…


My Mediums

Then my art passion led me to acrylic painting I eventually began incorporating all of my past art forms into mixed media. I found being limited to only glass and tile or only acrylic paints a little confining and not allowing me to fully express myself in my artwork. Finally I am able to use my imagination without restraint and not be limited with single art forms. I kept adding different mediums, hand-made papers, graphic elements and varied 3-D objects. I believe that working in a single medium was restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. By incorporating many different styles and materials with a fusion of thoughts and ideas, The result is one of a kind pieces.



When I'm home in my Brooklyn Art Studio I draw from the Music, fashion, people & politics that surround me in my everyday life. I have a Love of Travel, observing other cultures and their ways of life. Exotic places! Many of my works have Asian inspirations.  Beautiful sights as Hong Kong Harbor, the Great Wall in Beijing, Shanghai & Hanoi, Vietnam, Bangkok & Phuket in Thailand. Europe & Africa have no shortage of beauty magical Venice & romantic Paris. The Gaudi Mosaics in Barcelona or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey, the islands of Mykonos & Capri and of course the Pyramids of Egypt. The Americas have their own style and so do the paintings that reflect these places. From Buenos Aires & Sao Paolo, or the Beaches of Mexico to the Glaciers in Alaska. From the Shores of St Maarten & St Barths to the time travel of Cuba.


Inspiration is Everywhere, Colors are Everywhere & I want to be there to seize it all.


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