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Beatriz Ramirez is a Colombian artist who lives in Miami, Florida. She has dedicated many years to her studies and investigations regarding porcelain paintings, oils and watercolors. For the past 35 years she has been creating extraordinary and exclusive artwork in various media including: costumed painted murals, portraits, domes, oil on canvas, watercolor paintings, and china porcelain paintings amongst other versatile techniques which transform mere images into lively works of art. 


Her classic and contemporary vibes are inspired from diverse themes such as: nature, animals, foliages and landscapes in addition to Catholic, Greco-roman, Hindu, and Egyptian world cultures. Traditionally, she has embellished luxurious homes, churches and theaters with her custom design creations. Her artwork is tailored to add richness and sophistication to any space.


She has participated in various national and international exhibitions, where she has obtained many awards in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Guatemala, France, Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Egypt, China, Singapore, Hong  Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and the United States, Australia, Colombia, Additionally, she has dictated seminaries and conferences, her work has been published in several magazines, books and literary publications and she has been interviewed for some television programs.


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