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Located in Miami - Florida, with more than 20 years of experience, D`Victoria is a gallery dedicated to the promotion, exhibition and commercialization of authentic art according to the needs of its clients. After the search to be a globally recognized artistic brand, it is characterized by its management, innovation and implementation of constant strategies in the promotion and commercialization of artistic products and services of great diversity and aesthetic quality.

Since its inception, the gallery has promoted and commercialized the work of artists of various nationalities, especially Latin Americans. Currently has more than 30 exponents, including some with extensive international and other emerging, who through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media, reflect their views and experiences, making D'Victoria Fine Art Gallery a space full of diversity and artistic richness.

The Gallery not only has a permanent exhibition of works in its facilities, it has also promoted artists in different spaces and international exhibitions, where it has had great acceptance and recognition. Condominiums, fairs, festivals, among others, have made possible the growth and positioning of D'Victoria and its members in the United States, making their authentic and exclusive works part of numerous private collections in the world.

In addition to the promotion and commercialization of art, the gallery offers the services of framing a large number of works, decoration and image consultancy for housing and commercial spaces, casting bronze and aluminum sculptures and artistic training courses in Spanish and English, people of all ages interested in initiating an artistic learning process with highly experienced teachers, with the support and certification of D'Victoria Fine Art Gallery.


This company founded and directed by Diego Victoria, offers the service of advice and creation of sculptural projects in bronze, aluminum and other materials, counting on a trajectory of more than 20 years of experience, materializing the works of diverse artists of the world.

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