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Argentine, Italian. Born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1961. Electrician and Electronic Engineer. Graduated from the UNC. Master in Business Administration. Graduated from the UCC. He studied law at the UBP and PNA, Naval Prefecture Argentina. Sailing yacht pattern. Of self-taught artistic training, he resorts to techniques such as Dripping, Splashing, Blurring and Smudging and Smearing in his abstract creations.


It begins to generate the observation of spectators, collectors and artists, through the publication of their works in social networks, receiving as a response 120 thousand average monthly views, with highly positive comments and criticism, without the intention or search of sale of their work artistic.


From the promotion of his work, he participates in local exhibitions in Ciudad de Córdoba, during 2016 and 2018, in spaces such as the Galería de Arte Caminarte, obtaining the first prize in painting, also, in Rotary Club, Córdoba, transitory exhibition, Villa Allende Cultural Complex, Córdoba, among others. In 2018, he was selected to take part, through the angeldiazart platform, of the annual exhibition MAC 2018 - Mercado de Arte Contemporáneo - held in the Historical Town Hall of this city.

According to Camani, his works generate vertigo, depth and perspective, at the same time he paints, there is the same difference between sleep and wakefulness. He manages to reconcile the principle of reality, with the pleasure principle. There he conceives the creative imprint as a symbol of personal synthesis, in the fluidity of emotions that resonate constantly towards the purest freedom, of returning to print beauty, to the pending compromise with those thoughts, feelings, of so many situations happened in this great humanity, because today it is again Conversar.


His work happens when the proportion is perfect; the balance defines the action, when intensely he knows where to stop, when when penetrating in his creation, throwing himself to that portal, he does not fall and feels that he will be content. The choice and mixture of colors when placed on the medium, start the composition. Absorbed from the result, and occupied with the confidence and spontaneity of the stroke, molding the forms, which begin to flourish; the works take on a life of their own, these expressions of beauty and charm follow one another.


Fernando camani 2017 Fusion    Acrilico
Totem Gheisha Pintura, Acrylic sobre Can
Lord Pintura, Acrylic sobre Canvas 60 x
Sonatta -  Acrylic sobre MDF 50x60.jpeg
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